The Liberal Moment

These are both revealing and defining times for the Tamils and Sri Lanka.

Our Holocaust

The struggle for Tamil liberation is entering a new phase.

Disconnect and Mobilisation

The West wants the Tamils to make it easy and forget the genocide.

Great Expectations

How will Western liberal states respond to the Tamils’ appeals?

Futile Wait

Sri Lanka’s slaughter reveals the fiction of international liberalism.

Different Certainties

How international belief in a fictional Sri Lanka fuels the slaughter.

State Security

The Tamils’ security depends on their own efforts - and nothing else.

The Will to Resist

Despite the massacres, the Tamils will not submit to Sinhala rule.

False Gods

The Co-Chairs have left the Tamil people’s fate in their hands.

Peace or Perpetual War?

The moment has come for the Tamils to unite as a people and stand fast.