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UN Security Council calls for Yemen ceasefire

The UN Security Council has called on a ceasefire in Yemen echoing the earlier calls of the UN Secretary-General who warned that outbreak of the coronavirus poses a unique threat to the country. 

Earlier this month the UN welcomed a unilateral two-week ceasefire announced by the Saudi-led coalition which came into effect on the 9 April in an effort to support the UN-led peace process.

Despite the announced ceasefire reports of violence from both sides. 

Yemen’s government, which has the support of the Saudi-led coalition, is accused of shelling Houthi residential areas. On Friday in central Bayda a woman and two children were killed during these attacks, Al Jazeera reports. 

The Houthi militia, which is believed to be backed by Iran, is accused of violating the ceasefire 82 times over the past 24 hours. Al Jazeera states this includes air attacks on the central province of Marib and artillery attacks in the port city of Hodeiah, the country’s main gateway for humanitarian aid.

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