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Seven Catalan activists arrested on charges of terrorism

Seven Catalan activists were arrested under charges that they belonged to a terrorist organisation and possessed explosives on Monday.

Prosecutors have alleged that those arrested were planning an attack in an effort to seek Catalan independence. The judge deciding on this case has sent the seven n arrested to preventative custody without bail on suspicion of “belonging to a terrorist organization, making and owning explosives and conspiring to cause criminal damage.” The judge further stated that jailing them was necessary as there was a risk that they could destroy evidence.

Two of the seven arrested have told investigators that they were making and testing explosives. This was further verified by a video obtained showing some of the activists carrying out tests of the explosives.

Reuters notes that this attack was planned to occur between the anniversary of Catalonia’s Oct. 1, 2017, independence referendum and the announcement of the verdict in a trial of separatist leaders in Madrid - which is expected in the first half of October.

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