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1 year on: Catalan President threatens destabilisation of Spanish parliament if independence demands ignored

Incumbent Catalan president, Quim Torra, has threatened to withdraw further parliamentary support to Spain’s minority government unless a plan for regional independence is offered by the end of the month. 

The ultimatum came as over 180,000 Catalans marched through the region’s capital of Barcelona to mark the 1 year anniversary of the independence referendum, a move that was ruled illegal by Spanish courts. 

“If there is no agreed mechanism by November, the pro-independence parties will no longer guarantee stability in the Spanish parliament to Mr Pedro Sanchez, “ Mr Torra told parliament on Tuesday. 

The Spanish government spokeswoman, Isabel Celaa, rejected Mr Tora's demands, stating, 

“The answer is self-government and not independence; the proposal is coexistence and not independence. The Spanish government does not accept ultimatums and maintains its determination to carry on with the path of dialogue.”

Parliamentary discussions took place as protestors blocked roads and railway lines across Catalonia. Protesters demanded the release of political protestors detained over the independence referendum and expedited implementation in forming a Catalan Republic. 

Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez, said, 

“President Torra needs to fulfil his obligations and not jeopardise the political return to normality by encouraging radicals to besiege the institutions that represent all Catalans.” 

Current Spanish prime minister Mr Sanchez came into power  by relying on the support of Basque and Catalan nationalists to achieve a majority in parliament. 

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