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Batticaloa mourns children killed in Zion church bombing

Fourteen children killed during the bombing of Zion church on Easter Sunday were mourned by grief striken families this week.

Two and half year old Ahimsa Surenthirakumar 

Families and loved ones wept as bodies were identified and funerals took place, many having lost more than one member of their family. 

Mother and daughter, Sinthu and Anjalina Jegathas

Brother and sister killed in Easter Sunday blast 

Mother and daughter, Rebecca and Aliyahan Suraithasan

9 year old Kevin Kuventhirarasa 

The Director of Batticaloa General Hospital confirmed on Wednesday that 14 local children had been killed. 

Jehonika, student at Cecilia Girls School

13 year old John Jeshuran

10 year old Jepinath Mahenthran

13 year old Jekshan Jet

The attacks, carried out by an Islamist group supportive of Islamic State, also included the bombing of three luxury hotels and a church in Colombo as well as another church in Negombo. Over 250 people were killed including foreign citizens. 

Aftermath of bombing at Zion church in Batticaloa

Eye witnesses at the Zion church in Batticaloa described the suspected bomber travelling towards children who had gathered to celebrate Easter Sunday. 

At least 26 people were killed at the church with over 100 wounded. 

Funeral of Batticaloa Zion church bombing victim