Tamil newspapers mark Maaveerar Naal on front pages

Maaveerar Naal headlines dominate Tamil newspapers in the North-East this morning.

Families of Maaveerar honoured at event in Jaffna

The family members of Maaveerar were honoured during an event at Navalar Hall in Jaffna earlier today. The function, organised by the Tamil National People's Front, saw families place garlands in remembrance of their loved once.

Final preparations ahead of Maaveerar Naal events today

Theeruvil, Vadamarachchi Final preparations were underway this morning at Thuyilum Illams and memorial sites across the North-East ahead of commemorative events marking Tamil National Remembrance Day (Maaveerar Naal) today.

Maaveerar Naal commemorated outside demolished LTTE cemetery in Kodikamam

Several people gathered outside the site of a destroyed LTTE cemetery in Kodikamam, Jaffna to commemorate the Tamil Remembrance Day. NPC Councillor Shivajilingam led the event at the site, now occupied by a military camp. Several soldiers were seen taking pictures of all those participating.

Sri Lankan military officers photograph Tamils at Koappay Thuyilum Illam

Sri Lankan military officers stationed in vehicles next to Koappay Thuyilum Illam photographed Tamils who had arrived to light a lamp ahead of this evening's commemoration of Tamil National Remembrance Day (Maaveerar Naal).

Students gather at universities to mark Maaveerar Naal

Students across the North-East gathered at Eastern University in Batticaloa and at the University of the Jaffna this morning to mark Maaveerar Naal.

Maaveerar Naal commemoration at Thileepan memorial in Nallur

Maaveerar Naal commemorations started in Nallur this morning at the destroyed memorial of Lt Col Thileepan. The sacrificial flame was lit by Jeyakumari, the mother of three martyrs and one disappeared son. A banner at the location saluted the sacrifices made by those who died fighting for the Tamil people, and included the slogan "Tamils' thirst is Tamil Eelam". NPC Councillors Ananthy Sasitharan and Shivjilingam were in attendance at the event.

Sri Lanka's prime minister orders halt to Thuyilum Illam reconstruction

Sri Lanka’s prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has ordered the halting of work to restore destroyed Tamil cemeteries in the North-East that were initially constructed by the LTTE to remember the Tamil war dead, reports the dailymirror.lk. Upon orders of the prime minister, the State Minister of National Policies and Economic Affairs Niroshan Perera announced that an investigation would be launched into the matter. THe orders came after the Daily Mirror, earlier this week, reported the TNA MP for Kilinochchi S Sritharan intended to use Rs 4 million to reconstruct the Thuilam Illam in...

Resistance and resilience

Today on Maaveerar Naal Tamils around the world gather in memory of those who died fighting Sri Lankan state oppression. Emboldened by the thousands that gathered at destroyed LTTE resting homes (Thuyilum Illams) last year, preparations this year have been on the largest scale since the end of the armed conflict. Tamils across the North-East have braved intimidation from the military and intelligence personnel to clear and decorate Thuyilum Illams. This November has like those past seen a deliberate campaign of fear-mongering by the police, justifying the deployment of extra officers through citing an alleged rise in gang violence, which conveniently seems to rear its head this time each year.

China endorses joint ventures with India says Sri Lanka's Foreign Minister

Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Tilak told Sri Lankan press that China fully endorsed joint ventures that Sri Lanka was launching with India. Speaking to dailymirror.lk , Mr Marapana said political elements were trying to misinterpret Sri Lanka’s warm links with China and India. Speaking on his recent visit to China, where he met vice-premier Wang Yen, he said, “Their modus-operandi is to create a rift between Sri Lanka and two friendly countries by making unfounded and misleading allegations. I explained in detail to the Chinese side the extremely warm and close cultural, religious and trade...