Maaveerar parents inaugurate cleared Thuyilum Illam in Chatty

Parents of Maaveerar held an event on Friday of Tamil Heroes Remembrance Week to inaugurate the Chatty Thuyilum Illam for Maaveerar Naal commemorations.

Thuyilum Illams decorated ahead of Maaveerar Naal

Visvamadu Thuyilum Illam, Mullaitivu district Resting homes for fallen LTTE cadres (Thuyilum Illam) which have over recent days been cleared are now being decorated with red and yellow bunting in preparation for Tamil National Remembrance Day (Maaveerar Naal) on November 27.

Buddhist clergy will take to the streets if Gota is arrested says senior monk

The senior Buddhist monk, Muruththettuwe Ananda criticised reports that the former defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa was going to be arrested, warning that monks would take to the streets. "A substantial number of Sanghas against the government will descend on streets if former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa is arrested," he was quoted by Ada Derana as saying. "The present government is carrying out large scale retaliations. The country will experience in massive catastrophes due to the impiety of these rulers,” the monk said. “It is being reported that there are attempts to arrest...

Sri Lankan PM says discussion with India 'successful'

Sri Lanka's prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on Friday told journalists that talks with this Indian counterpart during his visit to New Delhi had been "successful". "I had extensive talks with the Indian Prime Minister and our discussions concluded positively," Mr Wickremesinghe was quoted by the Daily Mirror as saying. "Our discussions focused on the delay in implementing some of these projects and certain clarifications on others. Japan will play a part in two of these development projects together with India," he added. " I met Indian President Ram Nath Kovind, Minister of Foreign...

Sri Lankan army camp increases security around Koppay LTTE cemetery

Sri Lankan soldiers at the Koppay army camp which is partly built over an LTTE cemetery have been increasing security and surveillance around the camp and blocking access to surrounding public roads.

Rebuilding resting places: the continued struggle for remembrance

- Thusiyan Nandakumar, Jaffna. As the sun began to set over the Vanni last November, thousands of locals stood before the crumbled remains of gravestones at an LTTE cemetery in Kilinochchi. The graves had been bulldozed by the Sri Lankan military years before. Few had ventured to the site since, fearful of reprisals from security forces. But last year, with the military seemingly restrained, residents of the town cleared the rubble and constructed a makeshift monument with the remains. At 18:05 precisely, they lit lamps and played a song in remembrance of those buried there. It marked the first time since the brutal end of the armed conflict on the island that Tamils had gathered to publicly mark Heroes' Day – or Maaveerar Naal .

British cross-party parliamentary group marks Maaveerar Naal

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils called on Sri Lanka’s government to allow Tamils to freely remember their war-dead in the North-East. Condemning the government’s destruction of cemeteries in the North-East, the cross-party group of British parliamentarians said they stood with the Tamil community as they “rebuild their destroyed cemeteries as part of ongoing remembrance efforts. In a statement released for Maaveerar Naal, the Chair of the parliamentary group, Paul Scully MP said, “Despite ongoing intimidation and rights violations this year, Tamils in the North-East have come out...

UNP minister - deny citizenship to those who do not accept Sri Lankan flag

The UNP minister, Sajith Premadasa called for anyone who does not accept the Sri Lankan flag to be denied citizenship. Highlighting the Northern Province Minister of Education's refusal to hoist the flag at a public event in Vavuniya earlier this month, Mr Premadasa told an audience in Hambantota said, "those unwilling of the country’s national anthem and flag should be denied citizenship." "If an individual makes such statements then he or she does not have the right to be a citizen of this country," he was quoted by News Radio as saying. His comments were echoed by the former Minister...

ITAK holds public discussion in Trinco on proposed constitution

The Ilankai Thamil Arasu Katchu on Friday held a public discussion on the proposed new Sri Lankan constitution. The meeting, led by the TNA leader, R Sampanthan and the ITAK leader Maavai Senathiraja, was heated with youth present criticising the ineptitude of older members who were elected for internal administrative bodies previously.

Jaffna University decorated ahead of Maaveerar Naal

Students at the University of the Jaffna on Friday decorated the grounds in red and yellow flags ahead of the Tamil National Remembrance Day (Maaveerar Naal) on November 27, with banners in remembrance of the Maaveerar.