And then they came for me

Lasantha Wickrematunghe, editor-in-chief of The Sunday Leader, who was gunned down in an execution-style shooting on Thursday, January 8, writing from his grave pointed the finger at his killers. Three days after the killing, Wickrematunge's newspaper published a haunting, self-written obituary in which he says he was targeted for his writings and adds: "When finally I am killed, it will be the government that kills me."

White vans and vanishing men

Living in constant fear, the Tamils are considered fugitives in Sri Lanka

'Annals of history'

The capture of Kilinochchi was celebrated with the bursting of crackers here in the Sri Lankan capital. There were also reports that the Sinhala diaspora celebrated it with the bursting of Champagne bottles. No wonder such things happen in a culture nurtured by cricket and football matches.

Sri Lanka bleeds - with no peace in sight

Sri Lanka's dragging ethnic conflict is at a decisive phase, with the military determined to crush the Tamil Tigers and the LTTE adamantly refusing to give up.

The high price of Sri Lanka’s war

AS the government's war against the LTTE enters the bloodiest phase in the country's history, our research has found that the costly war of attrition is irreparably scarring an entire generation of Sri Lanka's youth.

Kilinochchi: The Kiss Of Death

"Kilinochchi within kissing distance". So said the disinformation warriors of Lt.Gen.Sarath Fonseka, the Sri Lankan Army Commander, more than a week ago.

Plight of Sri Lanka's war widows

The BBC's Sinhala service investigates the plight of Sri Lanka's war widows.

East: Anything but 'liberated'

The government says that the 'liberated' east is an example of democracy in action and a model for areas recaptured from the LTTE. The reality is anything but. Killings and abductions are rife, and there is total impunity for horrific abuses.

Behind the muzzled: voices from a troubled Sri Lanka

WHILE the world focuses on the fallout from Mumbai, Sri Lankan government forces are reportedly closing in on the key rebel strongholds of Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu.

Will Obama's America stop exporting fear?

The results of the U.S. presidential election this week are more an overwhelming rejection of the way the United States has been run in the recent past, particularly during the Bush administration, than merely a victory for Barack Obama.