Close the camps in Sri Lanka

Canada's Toronto Star calls for the closing of the internment camps in Sri Lanka

‘My life in Menik farm IDP camp from March to July 2009’

This is a personal narrative by someone who was an inmate of the Menik Farm IDP camp from March to July this year.

'As the shells fell, we tried to save lives with no blood or medicine'

The young mother was standing by the side of the road, clutching her baby. The baby was dead. Damilvany Gnanakumar watched as she tried to make a decision. Around them, thousands of people were picking their way between bodies strewn across the road, desperate to escape the fighting all around them.

Witness to Thileepan’s fast

As we entered the premises of the Nallur Kandasamy temple we were confronted by a sea of people seated on the white sands under the blazing sun.

‘Rebellion or mass suicide only outcome if this continues’

This is an eyewitness report from someone who had personal exposure to the suffering of Tamils in the Manik Farm concentration camp.

Policy on Tamils haunts India

SETTING the parameters based on 13th amendment and ruling out a federal solution, the Colombo – Chennai – New Delhi axis is learnt to be pressurising Tamil political circles to come out with a political formula, as early as possible, to hastily close the file on Tamil nationalism and to hide all skeletons under the cupboard.

Justifying a costly war in Sri Lanka

More than 2,000 years ago, a Sinhalese king named Dutugemunu saddled up his elephant and headed north to fight and kill Elara, an invading Tamil king from India.

‘Confessions’ by doctors raise doubts over lasting peace

Five Sri Lankan doctors who witnessed the bloody climax of the country’s civil war in May and made claims of mass civilian deaths as a result of government shelling of Tamil Tiger positions recanted much of their testimony.

‘'This is too much to take. Why is the world not helping?’

The report filed for The Guardian newspaper by UK medic Vany Gnanakumar, who is currently detained in Menik Farm camp, on 12 May.

Britain and the slaughter of the Tamils

Britain has enabled the violent oppression of the Tamils. Now it must compel Sri Lanka to cease its genocide