45 former LTTE cadres arrested by TID

Sri Lanka’s Terrorist Investigation Division arrested 45 former LTTE cadres, it was announced on Wednesday. The arrests occurred as part of search operations in Jaffna reported Sri Lanka’s police. Superintendent Prishantha Jayakodi stated that, “They were arrested as a result of operations carried out over the last month,” The arrests comes as part of an increased clampdown on Jaffna, which has seen students from Jaffna University amongst those detained by Sri Lanka’s Terrorist Investigation Division. Earlier this month there was a further spate of arrests of former cadres, with over 40...

Iran keen to expand judicial ties with Sri Lanka

The government of Iran has expressed its willingness to further boost links with Sri Lanka, by looking to expand ties in the judicial fields. Sri Lanka’s Minister of Justice and Sri Lanka Muslim Congress leader Rauf Hakeem went to meet Iranian Justice Minister Seyed Morteza Bakhtiari in Iran earlier this week, with Bakhtiari stating that he hoped to transfer Iran’s legal experience over to Sri Lanka. He was quoted by Fars news agency as saying, "Given the existence of grounds for the promotion of interactions between the two countries of Iran and Sri Lanka, we can have effective interactions...

Army builds hotel on shores of Nanthikadal Lagoon

The Sri Lankan Army has completed the construction of another hotel, this time on the shores of the Nanthikadal Lagoon. The Lagoon’s Edge is a luxury hotel, built entirely of teak and was built in a "place where thousands of war heroes, terrorists and others died" , according to Sinhalese newspaper Mawbima .

Victor's parade

Tamil women, who were recruited into the army last month, received their first salary on Sunday at the army's Trincomalee base. The parents of all the women were present, as the women were presented with their first salary and bank pass books. Related articles: No mental trauma or sexual abuse, just madness (23 Dec 2012) Sri Lankan Army coerces Tamil women into joining (13 Dec 2012)

SL military does Christmas in Kilinochchi

Christmas came to Kilinochchi this year courtesy of the Sri Lankan Army. Photographs of the festive joy are reproduced from off the Ministry of Defence (and Urban Development) website : In addition to an 80 ft Christmas tree, the Tamil women recruited into the Sri Lankan army sang Christmas carols.

Russian ambassador slams Sri Lanka critics

The Russian ambassador to Sri Lanka says that countries criticise Sri Lanka’s human rights violations, while ignoring their own record. “Sometimes people point at a speck in the others eye without knowing a whole lot about the board in theirs,” Alexander Karchava said in an interview to the Daily News . Karchava said that while western countries can suggest ideas to improve the human rights situation, they shouldn’t pressure Sri Lanka to implement measures that those countries may seem fit. “Forcing other countries to implement what they presume to be right is an interference in the internal...

Rajapaksa's Christmas cheer

Mahinda Rajapaksa on Christmas day... "The teaching of love and understanding that brings the spirit of sharing, which marks the celebration of Christmas, can help in strengthening the bridges of peace, tolerance and reconciliation that are being built in our country." "The birth of Jesus Christ in a stable at Bethlehem shows the world the importance of love extending to all, moving beyond all barriers, extending from the highest to the humblest in society, to all beings who share this earth with us, and to nature that sustains us all." Here's a round-up of articles on Christianity and Sri Lanka from 2012: Monks attack pastor and vandalise church (13 Dec 2012) Church and mosque vandalised and burnt (27 Oct 2012)

Chauvinism in Sri Lanka's trade policies - international economist

An economist from Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy says Sri Lanka has been withholding trade from India, most notably the neighbouring Southern states, "for a combination of chauvinistic reasons and defensive economic reasons of some [local] business." Dr. Razeen Sally, f ormerly of the London School of Economics (LSE), stated , "It strikes me that Sri Lankan foreign policy, which of course includes foreign economic policy - is completely lopsided," "Because the picture we have is of China as first friend. But old friends had been alienated and some potential friends like...

Flooding continues to affect North-East

Flooding has continued to affect parts of the North-East, including Batticaloa and Vavuniya, following heavy rains over the past few days. In Batticaloa, 22 people have been killed in the floods, and 50 injured. Meanwhile in Vavuniya, 3428 families have been displaced , according to the Vavuniya district disaster management agency.

SL Navy arrests 26 TN fishermen

Photograph Daily Mirror Twenty-six fishermen from Tamil Nadu, were arrested on Sunday by the Sri Lankan Navy. According to the navy's spokesperson, Commander Kosala Warnakulasuriya, the fishermen had been fishing off of the eastern coast of the island. The fishermen are reported to have been handed over to Trincomalee police on Monday.