TNA NPC called to heel

The Northern Province’s governor, Major General Chandrasiri, has warned the TNA to abide by the constitution and national policy of Sri Lanka, according to state-owned Daily News . " Acting against the Constitution, the Tamil National Alliance has prepared budget proposals to initiate departments in the Northern Province at their inaugural budget. I made a note that they can only establish Authorities in the Province according to the Constitution,” he said. " I had to tell them that they are expected to uphold the Constitution and the National Policy as the councillors. They have attempted to set up a department of housing and a department of transport. There are some administrative units and structures which require the approval of the President, the governor and the Chief Minister of the Province,

Military training from India ‘nothing new’

The Sri Lankan Army has stated that military training received from India has been ongoing for more than four decades and the continuation of the program was “nothing new”. Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasuriya told the Sunday Leader , “India providing training opportunities for Army, Navy and Air Force personnel is nothing new”. “ Our relationship with India, when it comes to military training, goes back four decades or more. This has helped both countries to understand their military and also helped Sri Lanka to professionally develop its military personnel. We value this relationship very much and...

PPT finds Sri Lanka guilty of genocide

The Permanent People’s Tribunal (PPT) has unanimously ruled that Sri Lanka is guilty of genocide, at its second high profile session in Bremen, Germany. Photograph: Twitter @Nirmanusan

EU calls for more UN access in Sri Lanka

The European Union has called on Sri Lanka to allow visits to the island from UN special mandate holders, in a statement released to mark World Human Rights Day. Welcoming visits to the island by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the UN Special Envoy on Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons, the statement urged to government of Sri Lanka to further grant outstanding requests for UN access, highlighting in particular the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances. The statement also noted that, “further challenges also remain in upholding the independence and...

Bell Pottinger criticises David Cameron's stance on Sri Lanka

The Guardian, today, interviewed the private public relations and marketing known for working with the Sri Lankan government and many other regimes, Bell Pottinger. When asked if Bell Pottinger was still working for the Sri Lankan government, the chairman, Tim Bell, said , “We stopped in..2009 or 2010. I might have got the dates wrong.” “It’s a fashionable thing to criticise the way the Sri Lankan government has behaved. David Cameron had one meeting in the north of the country with 200 people who have lost relatives You have to remember there was a 30 year civil-war. The Tamil Tigers weren’t...

IDPs urge TNA to reclaim their appropriated land

Displaced Tamils vented their anger at the leader of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), R. Sampanthan, on Monday, whilst he was visiting the Kattai Parichchan IDP camp near Sampoor. Calling on the their political representation to act, the people said , “ We are ready to die to recover Sampoor... r eclaim the places that we were born in. We are ready to starve ourselves to death in order to reclaim our taken land ” Thousands of people from East Sampoor were displaced in 2006 and have been settled in IDP camps for over 3 years. Of the ones that have been settled into homes, none have been...

Families of disappeared attacked by masked men during demonstrations in Trincomalee

Families of the disappeared protesting at the Trincomalee Bus Station were attacked by masked men, today. The demonstrators, whose protest coincided with international Human Rights Day, sustained several injuries, resulting in the organiser, Sundara Mahendran, being admitted to hospital. Media reports outline that the masked attackers shouted slogans, such as “Go and hold your protests in Jaffna. The east is ours.”

Third day of Permanent People's Tribunal on genocide in SL gets underway

Published 09:36 GMT The Permanent People's Tribunal on the genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka continues this morning in Bremen, Germany. Watch the live feed from the PPT website 09:00-13:30 (GMT+1) here . The Permanent People’s Tribunal (PPT), an international body based in Rome, is headed by Secretary General Gianni Tognoni. See here for more about the PPT and the panel.

'We will not bow down to Geneva' - G.L Peiris on UNHRC

The External Affairs Minister, G.L Peiris, reiterated Sunday, that the Sri Lankan government would not accept international pressure and demands from the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. Addressing a parliamentary debate on Sri Lankan external affairs, G.L Peiris, said , “We are not about to bow down to the plans to take our country before Geneva very six months. We are not ready to bow down to pressures of this sort. " Arguing that an international probe into war crimes and crimes against humanity would undermine Sri Lankan 'prestige', he added, “We have brilliant, intelligent...

NPC Minister refuses to hoist Sri Lankan flag

The Northern Provincial Council Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Water Supply, P Iyngaranesan has refused to hoist the Sri Lankan flag at an event in Mannar. The minister was chief guest at the event in a school in Vellangulam. According to the Colombo Gazette , Iyngaranesan said the flag does not represent the Tamil people in Sri Lanka and as long as the lion with a sword in its hand remains on the flag, it will be rejected by Tamils. The TNA leader Sampanthan has previously defended his waving of the Sri Lankan flag at a May Day rally in 2012. NPC ministers condemn Army's involvement...