US Ambassador warns of 'next steps' after Geneva

The US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Michele J. Sison, has warned that unless accountability was addressed in Sri Lanka, the island would see a “return to a conflict situation”, whilst addressing the Foreign Correspondents Association of Sri Lanka. See her full speech here . Speaking in Colombo, Sison said , “History has shown that societies that do not adequately address reconciliation and accountability usually return to a conflict situation at some point down the road. Thus, however difficult this process is, it is ultimately vital to the stability of Sri Lanka”. “ As we examine next steps, we will renew our consideration of all mechanisms available, both in the Human Rights Council and beyond. But it is important to emphasise that calls for reconciliation and accountability should not simply be seen as exhortations by the international community – reconciliation and accountability should be viewed as essential to ensuring a peaceful and prosperous future for the country”. “We looked at the conditions around the country. We compared those to the government's commitments and stated goals. We realised that not only were many of the concerns that led to the first resolution still there, but also that in some ways the situation had deteriorated ." In terms of accountability, Sison expanded saying, "We mean identifying those responsible for committing abuses and imposing consequences for these acts or omissions."

Sri Lanka will not comply with resolution - GL Peiris

Sri Lanka's Foreign Minister GL Peiris has stated that Sri Lanka will not comply with a recently passed resolution at the UN Human Rights Council this March. Speaking in Parliament, the Minister said , “ Sri Lanka cannot acquiesce with the resolution adopted. First and foremost among the reasons for such a decision is that the resolution calls for an oral update on Sri Lanka at the 24th session in September this year, and a comprehensive report at the 25th session in 2014. It means Sri Lanka will figure on the UN agenda every six months. When we survey the global situation, Sri Lanka is not a...

Bodu Bala Sena plan US visit to create 'worldwide BBS network'

The Sinhala Buddhist group of Sri Lankan monks, the Bodu Bala Sena, who are responsible for recent anti-Muslim campaigns, have announced that they will be sending a delegation to the US in order to contruct a worldwide BBS network. The executive committee member, Dilantha Vithanage, made the announcement on Monday. The delegation will include the Secretary Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thero and the national organiser Witharandeniye Nanda Thero. At their recent party convention the BBS warned the Sinhala people to 'protect the nation and not let other races or religions to take over,' asserting...

Only in #lka ...

Tweet from an organisation of Sinhala Buddhist monks on the morning of an anti-Muslim campaign.

Buddhist monks fight for Kollywood films to be banned

The organisation of Sinhala Buddhist monks, Ravana Balaya, has launched a campaign to ban the screening of all films from Tamil Nadu in Sri Lanka. The secretary of the Ravana Balaya, the Buddhist monk Iththepane Saddhathissa Thero, announced that a letter would be handed over to the Public Performance Board on Tuesday. Earlier this month, the group threatened Sri Lankan cricketers for taking part in IPL .

Ministry of External Affairs fights back

Sri Lanka invited those " who make unfounded and exaggerated allegations as well as unrealistic demands as solutions " to visit Sri Lanka for themselves and see the progress themselves, in a statement issued today by the External Affairs Ministry. Deeming the call by the Tamil Nadu state assembly as " disturbing ", the ministry asserted that the reports of Tamil Nadu fishermen being attacked by the Sri Lankan Navy were " erroneous and without any factual basis ". Slamming international calls for accountability, the ministry claimed that allegations against Sri Lanka's security forces were "...

Presidential applause for SL rugby win

Mahinda Rajapaksa celebrates the Sri Lankan rugby team winning the Asian rugby tournament by presenting the winning trophy to the team captain. The Minister of Sports Mahindananda Aluthgamage is stood beside them. In his congratulatory address, Rajapaksa said : “You have made Sri Lanka proud. The Sri Lanka team has now proved that they are good enough to play with the Asian rugby giants. It is an honour to the country. I wish them well.”

SL expresses surprise at Indian visa delay

Sri Lanka's External Affairs Ministry expressed surprise at the delay in the country's new Deputy High Commissioner to India, A. Sabrullah Khan, obtaining a diplomatic visa to India. An official within the Ministry told the : “Surprisingly we have not been told yes or no. Never before has there been such a delay.” The wrote in its news story: 'The refusal by New Delhi to expedite matters comes in the wake of escalating agitation in Tamil Nadu against the Government of Sri Lanka over allegations of discrimination of Sri Lankan Tamils compounded with violent...

Palestinian minister to visit SL

The Palestinian Religious Affairs Minister, Dr Mahmoud al-Habbash, and his delegation will arrive on Monday for a three day visit in Sri Lanka, reports the The Palestinian embassy said that Habbash is due to meet with Sri Lankan officials to discuss mutual interests and enhance bilateral relations between the two states. Earlier this year, when Sri Lanka's Minister for External Affairs GL Peiris made a visit to Palestine and Israel , the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas stressed that "Palestine was a steadfast friend of Lanka".

Tamils slam Delhi as Sri Lanka arrests more fishermen

The Sri Lankan Navy has arrested 30 more Indian fishermen, taking the total number of those arrested to 56 in the last two days, as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa wrote to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asking for the release of those arrested. DMK president M Karunanidhi also slammed the centre’s "soft approach" in a statement, compared with Delhi’s stand on the killing of Kerala fishermen by the Italian navy. Meanwhile Jayalalithaa stated in her letter, "I am deeply anguished to bring to your notice the repeated onslaughts of the Sri Lankan Navy on innocent Tamil Nadu fishermen who...