Four Tamils detained after removing wanted posters - Uthayan

Four Tamil men were held in the North-East of Sri Lanka by security forces, after being accused of removing posters of Tamils wanted by the police, according to Uthayan . The men, arrested in Oddusuddan, were also attacked by the army and the police, Uthayan further said. Augustin Salujan 24, Irasenthiram Kamalathas 19, Sureshan 25 and Najeetharan 25 were taken to Oddusuddan police station.

Mother of 'Gopi' arrested by TID officers

The mother of a Tamil man, who Sri Lankan security forces have accused of attempting to reform the LTTE and firing at security and named as ‘Gopi’, has been arrested in Kilinochchi along with another Tamil woman by officers from Sri Lanka's Terrorism Investigation Division, report the Uthayan and Virakesari , According to the Police Spokesperson, Ajith Rohana, Gopi's mother, Selvanayagam Rasamalar and the other woman whose identity remains unknown were taken to the headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Colombo for questioning.

'Peace is an illusion' - Eastern Provincial TNA member Kalaiyarasan

Peace in Sri Lanka is an illusion created by the government said the TNA's Eastern Province member, Mr. T. Kalaiyarasan, reports Uthayan . Accusing the government of seeking to suppress the Tamil race through such illusions of peace, Mr. Kalaiyarasan said there was a need to fight for Tamil rights on the island. Referring to the resolution being discussed on Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council, Mr. Kalaiyarasan said that peaceful protests were taking place, in the hope that the resolution would be in favour of the Tamil people. "We all need to work together to convey our problems to the...

Tamil youth arrested by TID in Puthukudiyiruppu - Uthayan

A young Tamil man was arrested by TID officers (Terrorism Investigation Division) in Puthukudiyiruppu, Mullaitivu district, who claim he was involved in terrorism related activities, reports Uthayan . The man, identified as Manikka Kaanthan, who is known as Kanthanalayan, was arrested yesterday. His current whereabouts are unknown. The arrest comes amidst widespread arrests of Tamil youth, and activists by the Sri Lankan security forces over alleged involvement in terrorist activities.

International call for accountability in Sri Lanka 'is not going to go away' - Canada

11:56 CET Photograph Tamil Guardian The international community's call for accountability and justice in Sri Lanka is " not going to go away " warned Canada's Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deepak Obhrai, at a press conference inside the UN Human Rights Council, hours before the Council is set to vote on a third resolution on Sri Lanka. Asked by the Tamil Guardian on how Canada would respond if the Sri Lankan government failed to cooperate with an investigation by the Office of the UN High Commissioner, Mr. Obhrai said, " It is very important that they address these issues, it is not going to go away, as much as they try, it is not going to go away ."

Protest in Colombo against UNHRC resolution

As the UN Human Rights Council gets ready to vote on the third resolution pushing for accountability in Sri Lanka, government supporters demonstrated in Colombo today in what they said was a "The massive protest against Geneva resolution". Photograph Today's protest is the latest in a series of protests by pro-government Sri Lankans on the island and in the diaspora against the UNHRC resolution. Meanwhile Tamils worldwide have been pushing for a stronger resolution, demanding accountability and justice for the victims of mass atrocities in Sri Lanka.

Only LTTE violated human rights – Sri Lanka

Only the Tamil Tigers violated human rights during Sri Lanka’s armed conflict, a senior government minister said according to a media report today. Nimal Siripala de Silva was speaking after recently returned from Geneva where he briefed diplomats from UN Human Rights Council member states and sought support against the resolution on Sri Lanka. Mr. de Silva said that the international community should not be misled by the Tamil Diaspora who accuse the Sri Lanka government of abusing human rights, Colombo Gazette reported. He went on to say the international community want leaders in third...

International inquiry in Sri Lanka is 'essential' - UN High Commissioner

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has stated that an international inquiry on Sri Lanka is "warranted" and "essential", as she presented her report on Sri Lanka at the 25th session UN Human Rights Council earlier today. Addressing the council Pillay stated "there has been little progress in other critical areas" and that " Sri Lanka has not responded positively to OHCHR’s repeated offers of technical assistance". Speaking on the final stages of the armed conflict, Pillay told the council " it is important for the Human Rights Council to recall the magnitude and gravity of the violations alleged to have been committed". She went on to add that whilst the government has claimed to initiate various investigations, "none have had the independence to be effective or inspire confidence among victims and witnesses."

Sri Lanka dismisses OHCHR report, warns will reject upcoming resolution as it has before

Sri Lanka’s Ambassador Ravinatha Aryasinha speaking Wednesday at the UN Human Rights Council, as Sajin de Vass Gunawardena, Monitoring MP for Sri Lanka's Ministry of External Affairs, (seated behind) looks on. Sri Lanka's representative at the UN Human Rights Council expressed the state's " categorical rejection " of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights' conclusions and recommendations made in her Office's report, and warned that it had " consistently rejected previous resolutions " and " would do so again ". In a fiery response to Navi Pillay's presentation of her Office's report before the Council today, the Sri Lankan representative asserted that the OHCHR report's findings reflected a " preconceived, politicised and prejudicial agenda which as been relentlessly pursued with regard to Sri Lanka. ”

SL claims of ‘LTTE regrouping’ to justify militarisation – Wigneswaran

The Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council said that the story about the re-emergence of the LTTE was floated by the Sri Lankan government to justify the heavy militarisation of the north. Speaking to The Hindu , Chief Minister CV Wigneswaran said the story was “very weak” and that unanswered questions remained, including about the policeman, who was allegedly shot by ‘Gopi’, the individual named by the Sri Lankan government as a wanted LTTE suspect. “We have been repeatedly asking the government to confine the military in the north to the barracks, but the government does not want to demilitarise the north. This story is only to justify that,” Mr. Wigneswaran told The Hindu.