SL military does Christmas in Kilinochchi

Christmas came to Kilinochchi this year courtesy of the Sri Lankan Army. Photographs of the festive joy are reproduced from off the Ministry of Defence (and Urban Development) website : In addition to an 80 ft Christmas tree, the Tamil women recruited into the Sri Lankan army sang Christmas carols.

Russian ambassador slams Sri Lanka critics

The Russian ambassador to Sri Lanka says that countries criticise Sri Lanka’s human rights violations, while ignoring their own record. “Sometimes people point at a speck in the others eye without knowing a whole lot about the board in theirs,” Alexander Karchava said in an interview to the Daily News . Karchava said that while western countries can suggest ideas to improve the human rights situation, they shouldn’t pressure Sri Lanka to implement measures that those countries may seem fit. “Forcing other countries to implement what they presume to be right is an interference in the internal...

Rajapaksa's Christmas cheer

Mahinda Rajapaksa on Christmas day... "The teaching of love and understanding that brings the spirit of sharing, which marks the celebration of Christmas, can help in strengthening the bridges of peace, tolerance and reconciliation that are being built in our country." "The birth of Jesus Christ in a stable at Bethlehem shows the world the importance of love extending to all, moving beyond all barriers, extending from the highest to the humblest in society, to all beings who share this earth with us, and to nature that sustains us all." Here's a round-up of articles on Christianity and Sri Lanka from 2012: Monks attack pastor and vandalise church (13 Dec 2012) Church and mosque vandalised and burnt (27 Oct 2012)

Chauvinism in Sri Lanka's trade policies - international economist

An economist from Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy says Sri Lanka has been withholding trade from India, most notably the neighbouring Southern states, "for a combination of chauvinistic reasons and defensive economic reasons of some [local] business." Dr. Razeen Sally, f ormerly of the London School of Economics (LSE), stated , "It strikes me that Sri Lankan foreign policy, which of course includes foreign economic policy - is completely lopsided," "Because the picture we have is of China as first friend. But old friends had been alienated and some potential friends like...

Flooding continues to affect North-East

Flooding has continued to affect parts of the North-East, including Batticaloa and Vavuniya, following heavy rains over the past few days. In Batticaloa, 22 people have been killed in the floods, and 50 injured. Meanwhile in Vavuniya, 3428 families have been displaced , according to the Vavuniya district disaster management agency.

SL Navy arrests 26 TN fishermen

Photograph Daily Mirror Twenty-six fishermen from Tamil Nadu, were arrested on Sunday by the Sri Lankan Navy. According to the navy's spokesperson, Commander Kosala Warnakulasuriya, the fishermen had been fishing off of the eastern coast of the island. The fishermen are reported to have been handed over to Trincomalee police on Monday.

Chinese firms bypass tender process in Sri Lanka – The Sunday Times

Chinese companies are investing into mega projects in Sri Lanka, avoiding tender procedures and hence emerging as the only bidders for contracts, reported The Sunday Times on Sunday. The paper quoted a local agent of an Indian construction company as saying that the Chinese companies pay commissions to its local agents, depending on the value of the project negotiated. The agent is reported as saying commissions, from $120 to $180 million, are paid to middle men each year for all Chinese projects on the island. This assists the Chinese companies to overcome other competition said the agent...

Tamil families face more intimidation

Tamil families face more intimidation

No mental trauma or sexual abuse, just madness

In an interview with BBC Tamil, Sivasubramaniyam Sivadas, the medical doctor who reportedly treated the 15 Tamil women who were admitted to Kilinochchi hospital shortly after being recruited into the Sri Lankan army, dismissed reports of sexual abuse or mental trauma, and claimed that they fifteen had suffered from a case of 'collective hysteria'. See here for full interview in Tamil. See below for a transcript of the interview: Dr Sivadas : There are 15 of them. Out of that 02 are admitted to the wards. The remaining 13 are kept in a room in the upper floor in order to be consulted by me. Many people requested me to see them. I clearly informed them about two matters. I will see them if only you accept my decision after I diagnose them. The other one is that I wanted to meet the patients privately. After that one medical officer from the Army arrived. He contacted higher authorities and said 'that they are ready to accept my recommendations'. After that only I met all 15 girls personally.

Boycott Sri Lanka cricket campaign gains more supporters

U pdated 13 :1 5 GMT Renowned Australian author Thomas Keneally has spoken out against Australia playing cricket with Sri Lanka and called for a break of sporting ties, as calls to boycott Sri Lankan cricket continue to grow. Writing to Keneally, the Tamil Refugee Council stated , “For too long Australia has turned a blind eye to the mounting evidence that the Sri Lankan Government committed war crimes against the poorest of its own people, including the slaughter of more than 40,000 innocent Tamil civilians at the end of the civil war in 2009. " “There will be a stain of injustice that won’t wash out of the cricket whites if the human rights abuses of the ruling Sri Lankan regime pass unremarked.” Keneally, who had previously spoken out after the suicide of an asylum seeker fleeing Sri Lanka, responded, “All the matters your letter raised are issues we can’t pretend about anymore, and if our government keeps up with their present tricks, they may be subject to bans and blacklistings, too.” Keneally, was joined in endorsing the boycott call by Sydney Peace Foundation chair, Stuart Rees; human rights lawyer, Julian Burnside, AO, QC; former deputy Australian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, Bruce Haigh; Norwegian film-maker Beate Arnestad; Greens MP in NSW Parliament David Shoebridge; independent journalist and author, Anthony Loewenstein; Associate professor and director, Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney, Jake Lynch; Professor and journalist, Wendy Bacon, Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka, Tamil Youth Organisation (Sydney), Uniting Church Minister, Rev. Richard Wootton, and 3CR Radio in Melbourne. Also supporting the campaign was the Australasian Federation of Tamil Associations (AFTA), an umbrella body of Tamil organizations in the States and territories of Australia and the two cities of Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand . See their full statement below.