Gotabaya opens another war memorial in Tamil homeland

Speaking at the opening of yet another triumphalist war memorial in the Tamil homeland, Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa asked critics abroad to come and visit Sri Lanka and see for themselves the progress the country has made. “People were deprived of enjoying the scenic beauty of this area due to the 30-year-old war and people in these areas had to leave their native places and had lived under dire conditions. “After liberating the country from the terrorism, not only Sri Lankans but foreigners also have been able to come and enjoy the scenic beauty of this area,” he said at the opening...

The land of appropriate militarisation...

The Sri Lankan government will acquire a large area of land in Vavuniya, to permanently build a military camp, reported the Colombo Gazette . According to the government of Sri Lanka's Lands Ministry, the owners of the land have been informed of this move. The Lands Ministry claimed that the acquisition is being implemented within the legal frameworks of Sri Lanka, and the owners will be compensated. In an attempt to justify the allocation of land for a permanent military base amidst international calls for demilitarisation of the Northern Tamil Homeland, the Lands Ministry purported that the...

RSF and JDS ‘appalled’ at attack on Tamil newspaper

Reporters Without Borders and Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka have denounced an attack on a Tamil newspaper in Jaffna, just 10 days after the same paper’s office were attacked in Kilinochchi. Both RSF and JDS said , “We are appalled by this latest attack, which comes amid growing threats and violence against the Tamil media, and we offer our complete support for Uthayan’s journalists, whose courage has our admiration and respect,” “The police should have agreed to the newspaper’s request for protection after the 3 April attack on its office in Kilinochchi. The passivity of the police...

BBS condemns FCO Human Rights report

The Bodu Bala Sena has condemned the recent human rights report released by the FCO, for “baseless” allegations. Objecting of the organisation name’s translation as ‘Buddhist Army’ in the report, the BBS said its name meant 'Forces of Buddhist Power' and “it is not an Army as specified by the UK.”

Judiciary associations call for suspension of SL from the Commonwealth

Three Commonwealth institutions of the legal profession made joint calls upon the Members of the Common wealth, through the upcoming Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group to place Sri Lanka on the agenda of its next meeting on 26 April 2013, and suspend it from the Councils of Commonwealth for serious and persistent violations of the Commonwealth fundamental values. Assembling at the 18th Commonwealth Law Conference, in Cape town, South Africa, the Commonwealth Lawyers Association, the Commonwealth Legal Education Association and the Commonwealth Magistrates' and Judges' Association, released...

Revival of resistance impossible - SLA

Spokesperson for the Sri Lankan Army, Ruwan Wanigasooriya, has said that it would be impossible for the LTTE to spark another resistance, reports Uthayan . According to Wanigasooriya, a revival of the liberation movement is unfeasible, although an armed movement could be formed with foreign assistance. Claiming that 'rehabilitated' former cadres only desired 'peace', and would be unwilling to involve themselves in another movement, Wanigasooriya said that networks had been set up to block foreign attempts to facilitate a resistance.

BTF condemn attack on Tamil newspaper

British Tamils Forum condemned the attack on the Tamil newspaper office, the Uthayan, in a statement released on Wednesday. See here , reproduced in full below: British Tamils Forum (BTF) condemns the recent attack on the Tamil news paper 'Uthayan' in Jaffna Despite the heavy presence of security forces, a group of armed men have fired and then torched the printing machinery of the “Uthayan” newspaper.

Sri Lankan police to track foreign tourists

The Sri Lankan police force has announced plans to track all foreign tourists in the country, as an apparent move to “ensure their safety”, according to officials on Monday. The police force, under the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence headed by Gotabaya Rajapaksa, has instructed all hotels and guest houses to submit weekly reports of all foreigners staying with them. Passports and visa details are to be handed over to the police, with spokesperson Buddhika Siriwardena saying, "Tourists are important to our economy. This is to ensure their own safety… This scheme will ensure officers will have...

Separate NE governance won't be a reality - Gotabhaya

Speaking to a visiting Indian parliamentary delegation, the Sri Lankan Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said that a separate system of governance for the North-East will never be a reality, reports the Island. He reportedly added, 'the government wouldn’t discriminate against any community'.

US aid cut will have no impact says SL official

Responding to a proposal by the US Secretary of State John Kerry for a 20% cut in US aid to Sri Lanka, a senior government official has asserted that the proposed cut will have no impact on the Sri Lankan economy, according to the government's official news portal - . According to the news source, the official, who wished to remain anonymous also remarked: “Yes US is having its own problems to solve as it has to tackle the terrorism in its own soil”.