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UK Metropolitan Police sends specialist team to Sri Lanka

The UK Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command has displaced a small team of specialists to aid Sri Lanka, including family liaison officers to assist the families of British victims and the repatriation of deceased British nationals.

Acting Commander Alexis Boon, head of the Met's Counter Terrorism Command requested any footage or images taken before, during or after the bombing for examination.

The Met Police have also asked witnesses of the attack to contact police on a confidential basis.

In a statement to MPs, the Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said:

“These attacks were a primitive and vile attempt to sow division between people of different faiths. Religious tensions have caused some of the bloodiest battles in human history, and it is sombre and sobering that even in the 21st Century, attempts continue to set believers of different religions against each other. Our response must be to deny the perpetrators the satisfaction of dividing us.”

Read Hunt’s full statement here and further reporting here.