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Two former LTTE cadres detained and 20 people questioned over Batticaloa police murders

Two former LTTE cadres are being held in police custody over the killings of two Sri Lankan police officers in Batticaloa, while around twenty people, including former cadres and local organisers have been questioned and released.

Sri Lankan police media division announced earlier in the week that three former cadres from Batticaloa and one from Kilinochchi had been arrested.

Rumours that a former cadre from Kilinochchi had surrendered to the police admitting to the killings were refuted.

Local groups reported that 'rehabilitated' former LTTE cadres in the North-East were living in fear of being targeted or scapegoated for the murders, TamilWin said. Local sources also noted a general atmosphere of fear among communities in Batticaloa as investigations over the murders continued in the district.

Updated Monday, December 3, 19:30 GMT.