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Sri Lankan military threatens Maaveerar Naal organisers

Plainclothes Sri Lankan security officers in Mullivaikaal earlier today

The Sri Lankan security forces have threatened Tamils who have helped organise activities across the North-East ahead of Maaveerar Naal next week.

President of the Tamil National People's Front Gajen Ponnambalam said that “organisers everywhere” had been threatened by both Sri Lanka's military and police.

Ponnambalam said that earlier today, TNPF General Secretary Selvarajah Kajendran was threatened by “military personnel in civil clothes” to stop all preparation work for Maaveerar Naal in Point Pedro, claiming a court order had been put in place. 

Also earlier today, Tamils in Mullivaikaal were "warned by police not to organise any event” by plainclothes officers who instructed them to report to the security forces on Monday.

In Vavuniya yesterday, “police had asked 4 organisers of the memorial events there to report to the police,” Ponnambalam added.

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