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In the shadow of the military, Tamils continue clearing LTTE cemetery

Though the Sri Lankan military has completely destroyed and occupied the site of a former LTTE cemetery in Mullaitivu, locals from the region embarked on clearing areas around the cemetery ahead of Maaveerar Naal this month.

The cemetery - or Thuyilum Illam - was bulldozed by the Sri Lankan army in 2009. The site, in Alampil, is now entirely occupied by the military.

Despite this, locals proceeded to clear shrubs in the surrounding areas in the run-up to Maaveerar Naal - or Heroes’ Day - which is marked on November 27th.

Alampil is a heavily militarised area and one that has seen intense SInhalkasation efforts in recent years.

Documentation from PEARL (People for Equality and Relief in Lanka) found there are at least seven army camps and five navy camps between Alampil and Kokkilai.