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Sajith rejects key demands from Tamil parties

Sajith Premadasa, the presidential candidate for the New Democratic Front, has stated that he is unwilling to enter into discussions with the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) based on the 13-point memorandum signed by five Tamil political parties.

Shiral Lakthilaka, a member of Premada’s campaign team, has defended this decision stating that his policy is to support devolution within a unitary structure. He told reporters, “there is nothing to discuss beyond that”. The party remains resolute to reject the points raised by the memorandum.

Listed in these demands was a rejection of the unitary state and the establishment of a federal state for Tamils.

The memorandum also demands the abolition of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) which Sri Lanka had claimed it would repeal in 2015 under the co-sponsored UN Human Rights Council resolution 30/1.

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