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Mullaitivu residents concerned about militarisation demand removal of army camp from school roads

Mullaitivu residents have demanded the removal of an army camp that surround schools in the district, citing concerns about the negative effects of militarisation on the area's young people.

Parents of students at two schools in the Manthai East division have repeatedly asked for the army camps close to the schools to be moved.

A large-scale army camp on around 8.5 acres of land is situated opposite Palinagar Maha Vidhyalayam and Kumaraswamy Vidhyalayam, both leading schools in the division.

Parents say having the camp right outside the schools’ gates has created the kind of militarised environment which is not conducive to their children’s wellbeing and education.

The Sri Lankan Army has so far refused to withdraw from the location, saying the land was allocated by the Divisional Secretariat expressly for military use.