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Maaveerar remembered at restored Valvettithurai monument

A monument remembering the first LTTE deaths was restored after it was vandalised and defaced by state forces. A remembrance event was held at the location to mark the beginning of remembrance week, ahead of the Tamil National Remembrance Day, Maaveerar Naal, on November 27.

Pictures of Lt Shankar, the first Maaveerar, 2nd Lt Maalathy, the first female Maaveerar and Captain Pandithar were placed at the structure in Valvettithurai. 

The flame of remembrance was lit at 6.05 by Sinnththurai Maheswary, the mother of Cpt Pandithar, who stressed the importance of remembrance of the sacrifice made by those who died fighting.

State intelligence officers were seen observing the event in the Vadamaradchi division.

2nd Lt Maalathy

Captain Pandithar's mother pays her respects at his photo

The structure after renovation (above) compared to how it looked after being defaced by the military (below, July 2016)