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Delhi police file charges JNU students, not assailants

Two days after an attack on Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) university students and staff, Delhi police, who have been criticised for turning a blind eye on the attack, has filed charges against several students for attacking security guards and vandalising a server room.

The police have not acted against any assailants, including those who attacked JNU Professor, Sucharita Sen. The professor was left with several injuries to her head from an attack conducted by individuals identified to be affiliated with the BJP aligned student group the ABVP. The professor demanded that the police register an FIR against her assailants for attempted murder but they have failed to take action.

The police have issued two first information report (FIRs) against Student Union president, Aishe Ghosh, as well as several other students. In these reports the police report Ghosh, Saket Moon and 18 others of entering into the Communication and Information Services (CIS) office and breaking a glass door. Police investigations follow most FIRs.

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