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Clashes between Catalonian separatists and police continue

Following the sentencing of nine of Catalonian separatist politicians on Monday, the streets of Barcelona have erupted in protest for a second day, bearing witness to clashes between the police and demonstrators. 

The Spanish Supreme Court’s ruling on Monday, that nine Catalonian politicians were guilty of sedition, has resulted in sentences between 9-13 years for the organisation of the October 2017 independence referendum. 

Whilst the referendum has been deemed illegal by Spanish courts, pro-secession politicians have vowed to hold another independence referendum. They have told reporters that their will has only been strengthened by these imprisonments.

During the protest, a candlelight vigil was held by the organisation Omnium Cultural organisation, who is chaired by Jordi Cuixart, a secessionist who was convicted on Monday. The protesters chanted "Freedom for political prisoners”.

Responding to the protests Spanish Foreign Minister, Josep Borrell insisted on the importance of dialogue, he maintains that the secession movement has ignored Catalonian’s who wish to remain in Spain. He described such a view as “a totalitarian attitude.”

This tension is likely to dominate the upcoming general election on November 10, Spain’s fourth election in four years.

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