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Buddhist monk vows to protect Sri Lankan military

A Chief Buddhist prelate said he would “join forces with patriots” and reiterated his condemnation of statements by the former head of Sri Lanka’s army Sarath Fonseka, who stated he would testify against a former colleague accused of war crimes.

"I will join forces with patriots,” said Ella Gunawansa Chief incumbent of Dharmayathanaya, Colombo. “I have no intention of contesting elections but will do everything possible for the victory of the motherland and patriotic forces."

Speaking to The Island, the monk went on to claim that after Fonseka’s statement, he had been visited by several military and government figures to join the criticism.

"I have no anger or animosity towards the former army commander, who made a statement without knowing facts,” said the monk. “But, today he is in the camp of anti-nationalist forces.”

“His statement helped me understand how much people love me,” he claimed.

“Soon after that controversial statement, many former commanders of the forces arrived here. Politicians, devotees, civil society leaders and many others have condemned his statement.”

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