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Fonseka should be sacked for betraying army - Weerawansa

Sri Lanka's Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka should be stripped of his portfolio over his comments which betray the army, the leader of the National Freedom Front (NFF) Wimal Weerawansa said on Sunday. 

Mr Fonseka this week said he would be prepared to testify against the former military general Jagath Jayasuriya who has been accused of committing war crimes in the final stages of the armed conflict in 2009. 

Describing Mr Fonseka's statement as "traitorous", Mr Weerawansa called on the government to act. 

"If the government failed to do so one could then assume that the statement made by Mr. Fonseka was its view as well," he was quoted by the Daily Mirror as saying. 

“The government should take action against the minister. Former minister Rajapakshe was removed for making a statement against the sale of the Hambantota port. So why should Mr Fonseka not removed for making a traitorous statement,” he added. 

“Channel4 is making allegations against Mr Jayasuriya. Mr Fonseka’s allegations would fuel such sinister moves. If there are any complaints, there are ways of taking action against the wrongdoers. It is not his duty or responsibility to make statements which betray the army."