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1600 million rupees required to make released parts of Vali North habitable

At least 1600 million rupees would be required to restore the 683 acres in Myliddy, recently released from Sri Lankan Army occupation, back to habitable conditions, the Jaffna District Secretariat has said.

The owners of the released land returned last weekend to find their homes and infrastructure including wells and outbuildings had been demolished by the troops.

The DS requested the amount from the Sri Lankan resettlement ministry and said that the 1600 million rupee figure would go towards constructing 1000 new houses and repairing 250, restoring 300 toilets and 300 wells, repairing roads, reconstructing schools and community spaces and clearing overgrown forests.

While the Myliddy landowners said the Jaffna District Secretariat was correct to demand money from the state to restore their villages, they also said they should be receiving compensation for the past 28 years of displacement and lost livelihood.