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Spain drops European arrest warrant for Puigdemont

The European arrest warrant for the former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont was dropped by Spain's Supreme Court on Thursday after the extradition request was refused by Germany. 

Mr Puigdemont accused of rebellion and sedition after declaring Catalonia independent following a referendum last year. 

The arrest warrants for five other Catalan leaders was also dropped, including that of the former Catalan Education Minister Clara Ponsati who is currently living in Scotland. 

“Withdrawing the European arrest warrants demonstrates the immense weakness of this case,” Mr Puigdemont tweeted.

Ms Ponsati's lawyer questioned whether the dropping of the arrest warrant would allow the leaders to return to Catalonia however. 

“It’s excellent news, with regards to my client Clara Ponsati, and obviously for Puigdemont... but we tread cautiously. The question that arises is whether the Spanish government are willing to allow Mr Puigdemont to simply return back to Catalonia and declare independence... I suspect not," the lawyer was quoted by Reuters as saying. 

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