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Adopt CTF recommendations urges HRW

Human Rights Watch on Wednesday urged the Sri Lankan government to "promptly implement" recommendations on transitional justice made by the Consultation Task Force. 

"Key among the task force’s recommendations is the creation of a war crimes court comprised of both international and national judges and other officials, with no time limit on its jurisdiction," HRW noted in a statement

HRW's Asia director, Brad Adams said, “the task force report is remarkably comprehensive and clear in setting out the concerns and needs expressed by Sri Lankans across all communities on the transitional justice process." 

“The government should now own the report’s recommendations and set out a framework for putting them into action, in line with its pledges at the Human Rights Council.”

“The Sri Lankan government took the bold step of agreeing to a multi-ethnic task force for broad consultations on transitional justice,” Adams said. “Now that the task force has listened to the country, it’s crucial that the government doesn’t drop its key recommendations. The government should recognize that its commitments were not only to concerned governments in Geneva, but to its own citizens seeking justice and reconciliation after a terrible war.”