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KRG president Barzani to step down

The leader of Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government on Monday is to end his term of office on November 1 after his request not to renew his term was approved by parliament.

The decision comes just weeks after a referendum on independence, which was led by President Masoud Barzani.

Kurds voted overwhelmingly in favour of secession however, it took place amid international disapproval, most notably from the United States. 

Within two days of the referendum Iraqi forces took over territory that had been held by the Kurds, including Kirkuk. 

In a letter to the parliament on Sunday, Mr Barzani said, 

"I, as Masoud Barzani the Peshmerga, will continue with our nation and beloved Peshmerga in endeavours to achieve the just rights of our nation and protect the achievements of our nation."