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Kurdistan calls on international community to denounce Iraq's military offensive

Kurdish Peshmerga forces continued to fight against Iraqi security forces into Thursday, reports Rudaw news.

Iraqi forces alongside Shiite paramilitary forces attached the Kurdish Peshmerga on several fronts. Commenting on the developments during the day the Kurdish Region Security Council  called on the international communtiy to denoucne Iraq's actions, stating,

“Frontline reporting confirms Iraqi forces and Iranian-backed PMF continue to use U.S. weapons given to Iraq for the anti-ISIL campaign, including Humvees, Armoured Personnel Carriers and Badger infantry vehicles. This is a blatant violation of the Iraqi Constitution which forbids the use of the army to settle political disputes. We condemn Iraq’s military aggression in the strongest terms.”

The KRSC labelled Iraqi advancements in to Kurdish area’s a “blatant violation of the constitution,” calling on the international community to denounce “Iraq’s reckless behaviour.”