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2422 Tamils still waiting to return to own homes in Kilinochchi district

2422 Tamils are registered at the Kilinochchi District Secretariat as still waiting to resettle in their own homes after the end of the war.

Of the four divisional secretariats in the district, Poonakary has the highest official number of families waiting to return to their homes, with 357 households having registered their details.

233 families from the Pachchilapalli division are still waiting to be allowed to resettle, 130 families in Karaichchi and a further 21 in Kandavalai.

Delays in clearing explosives in the Muhamalai area of the Pachchilapalli division have caused delays in resettlement, the district claims.

According to the Kilinochchi District’s records, 43,905 families have returned to their own homes since the end of the war.