Sri Lanka to receive US$580m from China

A government document has revealed that the China Development Bank is to increase its lending to Sri Lanka development projects, now totalling to more than US$1.4 billion. The document outlines that US$300 million of the loan will be spent on developing roads and US$200 million on water supply projects, with the rest going to the national business school. This follows on from previous funding of road development and irrigation projects, as wel as the $1.5 billion loan for the construction of a port and $209 million loan for the construction of an airport, both in Sri Lankan President Mahinda...

Four years on, genocide continues off the battlefield

Originally published on on 20th May 2013: In May 2009 as the armed conflict between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and the government of Sri Lanka came to a harrowing end, Sri Lanka's genocidal offensive against the Tamil population of the North-East reached a peak. Four years on, as the Tamil nation - scattered worldwide through decades of oppression and armed conflict - remembers the massacre that took place, the prospect of a stable and secure future remains bleak. Sri Lanka has long proven itself both incapable and unwilling to deliver accountability and justice to the Tamil people, yet the international community too has failed to instigate a credible process towards it. But most of all, the systematic destruction of the Tamil identity continues, unchecked. It is increasingly evident that the mantra of granting Sri Lanka time, space, economic support and international engagement is not leading to a process of accountability, reconciliation or peace for the Tamils. Torture, disappearance, rape and murder prevail; the economic and political fabric of Tamil society is repressed. What the Sri Lankan government celebrated as the defeat of one of the world's largest ‘terrorist' organisations has not brought security to the Tamil nation.

SL minister to file motion against 13A

Sri Lanka's Media Minister, Champika Ranawaka will file a motion in parliament against the 13th Amendment and the provincial council system, reports the Colombo Gazette. Arguing that granting land and police powers would be 'dangerous', Ranawaka said that if the Northern Provincial Council elections go ahead and the TNA comes to power it would use the 13th Amendment to divide the country.

American Tamils light flames of remembrance

Tamils across the state of California held a candle lit vigil to commemorate the 4 th year anniversary of the Mullvaikkal massacre. Speakers at the e vents , organised by the May 17 movement, that too k place in San ta Monica and San Jose, condemned the international community’s failure to recognise the genocide of the Eelam Tamil nation, and called upon the Eelam Tamil diaspora to pressure the United Nations to facilitate a referendum on Tamil Eelam.

Protest against child rape, Vavuniya

Protesters held a demonstration in Vavuniya on Monday condemning incidents of rape and calling for the arrest of the rapist of a 7-year-old girl in Nedunkeni. Local sources said that an individual had been arrested in Senapilavu in connection with the assault. In another incident, according to J. Jeyakennedy, officer for child rights improvement, an 18-year-old woman with special needs was sexually assaulted while home alone in Kanakarayankulam, Vavuniya.

Discrimination against non-Buddhist religions in Sri Lanka - US report

In its annual International Religious Freedom report, the US State Department expressed concern about attacks and discrimination by Buddhists against Hindus, Muslims and Christians. The report details attacks by Buddhists on religious buildings and said that “authorities were reluctant to investigate or prosecute those responsible for attacks on churches, Hindu temples, or mosques” and that "local authorities failed to respond effectively to communal attacks, including attacks on members of minority religious groups." Discriminatory practices against Tamils are also criticised in the report,...

No10 supports Glasgow invitation to Sri Lanka

After criticism from human rights organisations, not to invite Sri Lanka to a World War I Commonwealth commemoration event, Downing Street has said invitations should go out as usual. According to the Herald Scotland , when asked about Sri Lanka, No 10 said: "The usual approach on invitations to members of the Commonwealth should be followed". Amnesty International Scotland previously said that the UK should reconsider its decision to invite Sri Lanka. "We would urge the UK Government to consider whether it is appropriate to invite Sri Lanka to this event in light of the level of recorded...

British construction firm confirms £35m deal with SL Govt

A renowned bridge construction company, Clevelend Bridge, has successfully won a £35million contract to replace rural bridges in Sri Lanka. The construction consultancy, upon successful tender to the Sri Lankan Ministry of Economic Development, w as awarded on-going bridge design and construction work in rural parts of the island for the next 4 years. British High Commissioner, John Rankin, praised the deal, describing it as “ A great example of collaboration across the Commonwealth and will ultimately help increase mobility for Sri Lanka’s rural population an enable them to enhance their...

Tamils in Belgium remember

Gathering together, Tamils in Belgium held a remembrance event for those who died during the final stages of the war, before marching through the city centre, demanding justice for those massacred.