Chinese envoy meets new SL Army Chief

The Chinese Ambassador Wu Jianghao met Sri Lanka's recently appointed Army chief, Commander Daya Ratnayake on Tuesday, reports the . Visiting the Army Headquarters, Jianghao was part of a four member delegation including Li Chen Glin, the newly appointed Defence Attaché.

US - SL military engineers do DIY in Jaffna

In an operation named PACANGEL (Operation Pacific Angel - Sri Lanka), the US military's engineers from the Air Force, Army and Marine Corps, has joined hands with its "Sri Lankan counterparts", to do a spot of DIY in Jaffna. In a blog post by Staff Sgt Blake Mize, on the US Air Force's website, outlining how they were 'giving back to the Sri Lankan community', listed 'humanitarian' tasks undertaken by the US and Sri Lanka militaries, to avert disaster included the following: - installing plumbing - installing commodes, urinals and sinks - repairing roofs - painting buildings inside and out -...

EU concerned over incidents in Sri Lanka

The EU has added to a number of international voices calling for an independent investigation into the violence at Weliweriya. The EU delegation in Colombo expressed concern over recent incidents including the Weliweriya shootings as well as the mob attack on a Colombo mosque. In a statement , the EU said that justice should be ensured "through speedy, impartial investigations" and added: “The right to freedom of peaceful assembly and the right to freedom of worship are fundamental to democratic societies and should be protected by the state.”

Solheim calls for international inquiry

The former Norwegian minister Eric Solheim has called on the international community to hold an investigation into the “tens of thousands” of deaths during the end of the armed conflict in Sri Lanka. Solheim, who used to be heavily involved during the peace process between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan Government, said in an email to Xinhua, that the Tamil diaspora can play a key role in Sri Lanka. "Tens of thousands of humans perished in the last phase of the Sri Lankan war. Time has long passed when the international community will close its eyes and allow impunity for alleged war crimes. As...

Weliweriya factory to be relocated

Mahinda Rajapaksa assured residents of Rathupaswala, Weliweriya, that the factory accused of contaminating their ground water would be relocated. A Presidential spokesperson said that the regional authorities would prioritise ensuring people receive safe water. See the Island for full report.

Attacked mosque to be relocated

The Sri Lankan police has imposed a curfew, for the second day running, to prevent religious clashes in the Grandpass area of Colombo, following anti-Muslim violence outside a mosque, sources reported. Leader of the Buddhist nationalist party, Jathia Hela Urumaya (JHU), Champika Ranawka, confirmed today that the Mosque that faced attacks would be moved to its old location. The announcement comes after a month long campaign by Buddhist extremist parties to relocate the mosque which was adjacent to a Buddhist temple.

US concerned at mosque violence

The US embassy in Colombo has expressed concern at the attack on a mosque by a Buddhist mob on Saturday and called for the prosecution of the perpetrators. See full statement below: The United States Embassy is concerned by the attack on Grandpass Mosque on August 10. This incident is particularly troubling in light of a number of recent attacks against the Muslim community in Sri Lanka. Targeting any place of worship should never be permitted and we urge calm from all sides. We call for prosecution of perpetrators in this attack and an end to religious-based violence. The right of all Sri...

Muslim politicians demand action

Muslim politicians from the coalition called upon the government to take action against those responsible for the Saturday attack on a Colombo mosque. The politicians blamed the 'communal violence' on lack of swift and decisive action by law enforcement authorities during previous attacks on places of worship over the past several months. Minister Rauf Hakeem's brother, Dr A R A Hafeez told the Island that the deteriorating situation was down to the government's failure to take punitive action against those spreading hate messages.

'US would even issue a statement when an insect flies past': Weerawansa

A Sri Lankan minister, Wimal Weerawansa, accused the US Embassy of issuing statements that would even condemn a 'common cold'. Speaking at a meeting in Matale, he reiterated that infrastructure development would continue unabated, stating , “They are trying to create instability in the country in a subtle manner. Rathupaswala incident is one example, we do not condone the shooting that took place there. In a few days United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Navaneetham Pillai is coming to check what’s happening here. The US embassy keeps issuing statement even when an insect flies past.” “...

17 year old girl missing in Mannar

A 17 year old girl has been reported missing in Mannar. The girl, named Suganya, was last seen by a member of her family, at a bus stop in Mannar midday on Thursday, when she'd come to see her parents. Her parents reported her missing to the local police station on Friday. Suganya and her family reportedly in India till they moved back to the North-East ten months ago.