Croatian President awards alleged war criminal despite involvement in Bosnian genocide

Photo of accused war criminal Zlatan Mijo Jelic Croatian President, Zoran Milanovic, presented former general and alleged war criminal, Zlatan Mijo Jelic, an award for his service during the 1995 Croatian war of independence despite his involvement in the Bosnian genocide. In 2016 the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia indicted Jelic for allegations of war crimes against Bosniaks in the city of Mostar between 1993 and 1994. They state that Jelic ordered the commander of the Croat-run detention camp in Mostar to force Bosniak detainees into labour work. This is estimated to have...

Over 135 killed in Beirut explosion

Over 135 people have been recorded as dead thus far and around 5,000 injured by two massive explosions that have torn apart the Lebanese capital of Beirut. The explosions which started at its port were felt beyond the outskirts of the city, blasting buildings to smithereens, and resulting in a large fire at the epicentre that helicopters circled in attempts to extinguish even several hours later. Hospitals have been swamped with casualties and have been forced to turn those with injuries that are not life-threatening away. Many are missing and officials are expecting the death toll to rise...

Canadians rally against Hong Kong Security law

Recent protests took place in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal in opposition to oppose Hong Kong’s new national security law. The new security law has outraged Chinese communities in Canada as it is seen as an erosion of basic freedom and as a further attack against Hong Kong’s independence movement. The legislation passed by China’s Standing Committee of National People’s Congress touches on subversion, terrorism, and collusion with external forces. This law also grants China more power to insert itself in Hong Kong affairs. Canadian opposition to the bill On Saturday a rally was organized in...

Activists call out British complicity in Israeli war crimes

Photo: Palestine Action Members of Palestine Action – a network formed last week to raise awareness about the Palestinian struggle – stormed the central London office of Israel’s biggest private arms company to protest and highlight Britain’s complicit role in the Israeli apartheid. “We are tired of being ignored.” said the group. One of the activists told British newspaper Morning Star, “The UK has been complicit in the colonization of Palestine for over 100 years. Now the UK is home to […] a firm which markets their weapons as battle-tested because they are tested on Palestinian civilians...

Brazil’s frontline health workers pursue ICC probe of government’s COVID-19 response

An umbrella group representing more than one million Brazilian medical professionals, filed a complaint to the International Criminal Court (ICC) last week, citing Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro's government of being “criminally negligent in its management of the COVID-19 pandemic” and “risking the lives of healthcare professionals and of members of the Brazilian society.”

Former Malaysian PM sentenced to 12 years in jail for corruption

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was sentenced to 12 years in jail last week, after a Malaysia High Court found him guilty on all seven counts in the first of many multi-million-dollar corruption trials. The case was centred around his involvement in the 1 Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) – a sovereign wealth fund set up in 2009 when Najib Razak was prime minister. Razak, who was in office from 2009 to 2018, pleaded not guilty to the charges of criminal breach of trust, money laundering and abuse of power. The investigations into Razak’s role in 1MDB was started by his successor...

EU denies funding to six Polish towns that declared themselves ‘LGBT-free zones’

The European Union has blocked funding to six Polish cities, making up nearly a third of Poland, because of their attitude toward the LGBTQ community. According to a statement from the EU’s commissioner for Equality, six towns in Poland have adopted homophobic policies, calling themselves ‘LGBT-free zones,’ directly contradicting the EU’s belief in equity for all people.

Thai Royalists rally against 'largest' anti-government protests

A small group of Thai Royalists held a rally in response to the largest anti-government demonstration since Thailand imposed a state of emergency to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. The rally, which was held on Thursday, was mainly attended by mainly senior citizens with a few college-aged students. They were acting in response to a set of protests led by the student movement known as Liberation Youth Group, who had organised a series of anti-government protests in recent weeks. The Guardian reports, that the student protests were attended by over 2,000 and were the largest since the government-imposed lockdown restrictions in March. In terms of size, the Royalist rally, which was organised by a group known as “The Vocational School Students protecting the Nation”, was only attended by 75 demonstrators. Most of these were senior citizens with a few college-aged students.

China urges EU to ‘stop meddling’ in Hong Kong

Photo of a spokesman of China's foreign ministry, Wang Wendin China has demanded that the European Union “stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs and Chin’s internal affairs”; after the Union decided to limit the sale of technology for use in Hong Kong, over concerns about its controversial new security law. The European Union stated it would limit exports of surveillance equipment due to new security law which criminalises “terrorist activities” which includes campaigning for independence and colluding with foreign forces. China and Hong Kong officials defend the new law saying its crucial for...

UK High Court examines evidence of ‘rogue SAS Afghanistan execution squad’

Recent documents in the British High Court reveal allegations of a “rogue” British SAS (Special Air Service) unit carrying out night-time executions of civilians in Afghanistan. A collection of files, previously withheld from the UK court, have brought to light communications between high ranking officials of the special forces discussing the murder of over 33 Afghan civilians in 11-night raids carried out by a SAS unit over the course of 3 months.