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Wife of disappeared appeals for protection after threats

The wife of a forcibly disappeared Tamil from Mannar has appealed for protection after she was harassed in her home by purported Sri Lankan intelligence personnel.

Anantharaja Edna Dias from Pesalai filed a complaint  with the Human Rights Commission, Mannar on February 13, stating that there were threats to her and her three children’s lives.

Dias’s husband has been disappeared since 2008 after being arrested by the Sri Lankan navy. While a case on the disappearance is ongoing at Mannar magistrates court, Dias has been subjected to several threats and attacks to her home.

In the latest incident on February 8, around nine persons who claimed to be CID officers tried to enter Dias’s home at around 10.45pm. She initially refused to open the door, but eventually gave them access fearing they would break in otherwise.

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The group said that there were weapons hidden in the house and they would be carrying out a search. However Dias managed to call for help and attract the attention of neighbours.

When neighbours and the church priest arrived quickly at the house, the intruders then claimed they had come to search the home for drugs. However the neighbours informed the police and the intruders dispersed.

Dias filed a complaint with the Sri Lankan Human Rights Commission in Mannar, saying that while her husband’s case was ongoing she feared for her life and for the lives of her children.

As well as the latest home intrusion, Dias says she has been subjected to intimidation including rocks thrown at her house, windows smashed and suspicious persons knocking at her door at irregular hours, for several years.