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Valvettithurai defiant as Sri Lankan police fail to shut down clearing of Kumarappa-Pulenthiran ground

Sri Lankan police attempted to shut down a local authority-led clear-up of a public ground in Jaffna and intimidated Tamils taking part by videoing individuals and their vehicles.

The incident took place today as a clear-up was underway of a Valvettithurai Urban Council owned ground in Theeruvil. The ground houses the destroyed monument to 12 fallen LTTE cadres including Lt Col Kumarappa and Lt Col Pulenthiran, which a court ruled last year could be rebuilt by the urban council.

Police officers videoing members of the public responded to objections stating that the officer in charge (OIC) of the Valvettithurai police station had ordered the surveillance.

The OIC had already personally tried and failed to make the urban council shut down the clear-up, with the leadership of the council resolving to go ahead with the project they had themselves initiated.