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US President lifts sanctions on Turkey post-ceasefire

US President Donald Trump has lifted sanctions on Turkey in response to a ceasefire in Kurdish controlled northern Syria; he claims the ceasefire is permanent.

This decision withdrawal of troops from Northern Syria and a subsequent attack from Turkey on Kurdish controlled region. President Trump faced widespread opposition, including from senior officials from his own party.

During a White House speech, the President described the cease fire negotiated by Vice President Mike Pence as a “major breakthrough”.

He further stated

“Countless lives are now being saved as a result of our negotiation with Turkey, an outcome reached without spilling one drop of American blood: no injuries, nobody shot, nobody killed,”

President Trump further claimed he would be meeting with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan soon.

In response to this decision, Chuck Schumer, Senate Democratic leader, stated:

“Three weeks after first announcing the troop withdrawal, the president does not seem to have a clear strategy for securing the enduring defeat of ISIS and fixing the mess he’s created in Syria”. 

Trump has defended his decision stating; “let someone else fight over this long, bloodstained sand”.

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