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US official discusses transitional justice with Sri Lankan president

The Acting Assistant Secretary of State of the US Alice Wells met with Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena  on Thursday, where the two reportedly discussed “democratic reforms and reconciliation process” on the island.

Though the US State Department is yet to release a statement regarding the meeting, the official Sri Lankan President’s Media Division said Ms Wells had lauded the “ambitious reforms agenda and historic steps towards reconciliation boldly under taken by President Sirisena”.

“She said that the US would continue to extend fullest support to Sri Lanka’s development process and reconciliation,” continued the PMD adding that “President Sirisena pointed out that few extreme elements in the North and South level baseless allegations against the government to take undue political advantages, but the government is determined to implement its programmes for reconciliation and development undeterred”.

During her visit to the island, Ms Wells also met with Indian Foreign Secretary Jaishankar on the margins of the Indian Ocean Conference, which she is due to address.

On arrival in Colombo yesterday, she lit a candle alongside US ambassador Atul Keshap at an event to mark the International Day of the Disappeared.