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US military delegation 'salutes Sri Lanka's War Heroes'

A delegation of the US military "saluted Sri Lanka’s war heroes" during a ceremony at Sri Lanka’s National War Heroes monument "for the first time in recent history", according to the army.lk website. 

The 5 member US military delegation was headed by Major General Roger J. Noble serving as Deputy Commanding General-North of the United States Army Pacific Command (USPAC).

“Major General Noble, amid solemn military honours placed the floral wreath and saluted Sri Lanka’s War Heroes who had laid their lives for defence of the country while fighting against terrorism. Acoompanying US Army officers followerd suit and revered the memory of those war heroes,” the official website of the army said.

The ceremony occured as US ambassador Atul Keshap and Acting Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Alice Wells attended an event with the families of the disappeared, calling for the establishment of the Office of Missing Persons, in Colombo.

The 2015 OHCHR Investigation on Sri Lanka report, endorsed by the US, found that during its mandated period the majority of enforced disappearances were of "individuals perceived to have links to the LTTE", citing overwhelming involvement in the abductions by state security forces.