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TNPF organise initiative to aid Tamils as militarisation escalates in the North-East

(Photo credit: @TnpfOrg - Twitter)

The Tamil National People's Front (TNPF) have organised an initiative to aid Tamil people in the North-East as the Sri Lanka government continues to enforce strict curfews and lockdown measures nationwide where many locals' lives have been impacted.

Families from low-income households and vulnerable or immunocompromise persons have been greatly affected by the state-sanctioned measures and as of yet there has been no support provided from the government. 

TNPF have proceeded to support the Tamil community in the North-East and tweeted yesterday;    

"Our Humanitarian, and Health Promotion Divisions have been engaged in procuring, packaging and distributing dry rations, cooked meals, and basic necessities to daily wage earners, differently-abled persons, and families with no income, and other vulnerable persons.

Under a military occupation, an island-wide curfew, and a non-existent social safety net, wraparound or support services, we are mobilizing and self- organizing to uplift the most vulnerable of the Tamil nation."

(Photo credit: @TnpfOrg - Twitter)

The enhanced military presence and surveillance measures across the North-East for the coronavirus is becoming a bigger concern for locals.

Recently, a coronavirus case in a village in Jaffna saw the whole village experience lockdown and heightened military occupance. Witnesses have also reported the intensified military presence on buses during curfews.