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TID interrogates Batticaloa journalist

The head of Batticaloa District Tamil Journalists' Association and independent journalist, V Krishnakumar was called for investigation by the Terrorism Investigation Division on Monday. 

Mr Krishnakumar was called to the notorious 4th floor and accused of having links with former senior LTTE members and diaspora organisations. 

Speaking to reporters about the investigation, Mr Krishnakumar said he was asked a number of questions including, 'what is the link between you and the former LTTE Batticaloa political head, Thayamohan?'

One of the TID officers said, "apparently, you are sending fake news about the Sri Lankan government to foreign media? And apparently, you have links with Diaspora Tiger organisations?"

Condemning the TID's investigation, Mr Krishnakumar said, "If they are investigating me in connection to the LTTE and diaspora organisations, this is an attempt to restrict our media activities,"

"Harrasing us through investigations and restricting our press freedom and our freedom of expression need to be viewed as acts aimed at stopping the truth from coming out," he added.