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Three militants planning attack in Mombasa killed

Kenyan police have killed three militants who they allege were plotting an attack on the coastal city of Mombasa on a national day of celebration.

The police state they killed the suspects during a raid on their house in Majengo Mapya, a suburb in the city’s south and detained seven others.

The police have not identified which militant group these individuals were working on behalf of however concerns have been raised over the Islamic militant group, al Shabaab, which is based in neighbouring Somalia. 

Al Shabaab has launched frequent attacks against Kenya in the northern capital of Nairobi and the coastal regions, with the aim of forcing Kenya to withdraw troops from Somalia, where they are stationed as a peacekeeping force. Authorities reported last month that the group was planning attacks on churches, universities, hospitals, and schools in Kenya’s coast region. 

Reuters notes that during the raid they uncovered weapons including a grenade, 1,700 rounds of ammunition, a rifle,15 pistol holders and two bullet-proof jackets, Quran journals, police and military uniforms, military face masks, eight machetes, and gun oil.

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