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Kenyan MP gunned down in Nairobi

A Kenyan lawmaker and three others have been killed in the capital Nairobi, in an attack that has been condemned by the president and opposition leaders.

George Muchai, a Member of Parliament and prominent trade unionist, was on his way home when hiss vehicle was rammed and shot at from close range. His driver and two body guards were also killed in the attack. An unnamed police source told the BBC that it seemed to have been “well planned”, though the motive behind the killing remains unclear.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said he was "deeply shocked and saddened" by the killing, adding, "I expect the police to mobilise all resources to ensure the criminals...  are speedily apprehended and made to pay for their heinous act".

Opposition leader Raila Odinga condemned the killing, and also criticised the government, stating that the murder was part of a wider instability across the country.

"Our country is bleeding and an atmosphere of fear and hopelessness is spreading from the unresolved murders and deaths," Mr Odinga said. "Our citizens need reassurance that they can go about their daily routines without fear and that the government has the will and ability to provide protection."

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