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Tamil UNP MP says Southern politicians fueling drugs in North

The Tamil UNP MP Vijayakala Maheswaran said politicians from the South of the island are responsible for supplying the drugs in the North. 

Speaking at a sports event at Uruthirapuram Sports Club in Kilinochchi on Friday, Ms Maheswaran was quoted by Ceylon Today as saying “narcotics were moving freely from the South of the country to the North with the massive support of errant lawmakers.”

“Both the Police and the Navy have seized large amounts of narcotics, including heroin, in the North and East that had been smuggled into those areas by boat from locations in the South,” she was further quoted as saying. 

“Certain people in the South were responsible for creating drug addicts in the North where earlier people had originally consumed medicinal liquids,” she added. 

Ms Maheswaran was forced to resigned her ministerial post after she faced a backlash from Sinhala politicians including from within her own party, for reportedly calling for a resurgence of the LTTE to tackle the rising gang violence in the North-East.