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Genocidal agenda behind increase in drugs in North - TNA MP

TNA MP S Sritharan said the increase in the pedalling of drugs to youths in the North was part of a "genocidal agenda", while speaking at the launch of an anti-narcotic campaign in Kilinochchi, Ceylon Today reported.

"In the post-war atmosphere, anti social activities such as the drug pedalling, alcohol, prostitution and child abuse have been systematically planted to erode the values of the Northern society. Therefore, for the past several years the Northerners face a cultural calamity", the MP said.

Members of the civil society, who were also present, condemned the impunity with which drug dealers were allowed to work in the area, blaming the police for deliberate inaction and aiding the criminals.

"We know who is responsible for these crimes but we are now afraid to speak up as we have no faith in the Police," a participant said.