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Tamil journalist attacked in Mullaitivu

A Tamil journalist was attacked in Mullaitivu on Friday night.

Three people on a motorcycle attempted to block the journalist, Subramaniam Baskaran while he was driving his motorcycle in the Pandiankulam area of Mankulam in Mullaitivu.

Although Mr Baskaran attempted to swerve the assailants and continue driving, he was chased by the motorcycle, which he noted did not have a registration plate.

Mr Baskaran sustained injuries to his head and arm as the attackers attempted to beat him with clubs.

After managing to flee, Mr Baskaran sought refuge in the three-wheeler park at Mankulam junction.

He was pursued by the attackers who attempted to disperse when police arrived at the scene.

One of the attackers was caught by locals who had given chase and was handed over to police.

Mankulam police are investigating the attack.