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Tamil journalist harassed by Sri Lankan soldiers en route to disappearances protest

A Tamil journalist was harassed by Sri Lankan soldiers in Vadamarachchi while on the way to report on the protest of the families of the disappeared in Maruthankerny.

Jaffna-based journalist Uthayarasa Shalin was stopped by two soldiers on a motorcycle on Monday afternoon on the route to Maruthankerny.

Having questioned Mr Shalin about his destination, the soldiers told him he could not go on as the mentioned protest had finished.

Mr Shalin denied that the protest had ended and insisted that he had to continue, identifying himself with his media accreditation.

After checking his media ID, the soldiers said, “oh you are Stalin (alias)! It’s people like you that are writing lies.”

“This remark made me feel uneasy so I decided to turn back,” Mr Shalin told Tamil Guardian, also noting that the soldiers spoke Tamil remarkably well.

Earlier this year, three Tamil journalists were threatened by soldiers while returning from the same protest.