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Sri Lankan police torture Tamil detainee in Koppay

A Tamil detainee was tortured by Koppay police officers for several days after being arrested for failing to attend a court hearing. 

The victim reported being hung upside down and beaten for three days before he was brought to court. 

"The police arrested me last Sunday and severely beat me," the youth, told reporters, speaking anonymously for fear of repurcussions. 

"I was beaten up severely from the day of arrest. I was hung upside down and beaten up. I was burnt by fire on my hand."

"Due to unbearable torture, I later attempted to commit suicide by cutting my neck with a sharp weapon. I was then admitted to Jaffna hospital and treated."

The man had been arrested previously for allegedly being in possession of a spliff of cannabis and a case was registered against him at Jaffna Magistrate Court.  However, he failed to appear before the court on the day of the hearing and a subsequent arrest warrant was issued. 

Koppay police arrested him on November 25, but did not produce him before the court until November 28, when he was taken before the judge with bandages around his neck and hands, unable to walk properly. 

Asked by Justice Sathistharan about his injuries, he had replied, "the police arrested me on last Sunday". 

Sathistharan warned the police against the use of violence. 

The man was released by the court and the case was adjourned.