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Sri Lankan police torture Tamil youths, asking 'were you in LTTE?'

Sri Lankan police tortured two Tamil youths on November 19, a complaint registered with the Jaffna Human Rights Commission detailed. 

"They hung me upside down and beat me, asking me if I was in the LTTE," one of the victims, Pirakash Balasingham from Elalai, Jaffna said. 

Balasingham, who was returning home in an auto with his brother-in-law at around 10.45pm on November 19 said they were stopped by police officers who were carrying out road side checks in the area. 

"The police officers asked me to produce my ID card, which I did not have with me. I told the police that I left it at home and that I could go and bring it to them, but the police refused to accept this."

"They took us to Chunnakam police station and detained us," he added. 

Both youths received treatment for their injuries at Tellippalai hospital following their release the next day. 

"We have now complained to the Human Rights Commission in Jaffna. We hope that they will get us some justice," Balasingham added.